Phuket, Thailand

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Shows in Phuket With bars lined on either side of every city street, pumping out loud bass music as the sun goes down, it's no secret that Phuket has a vivid and wildly entertaining nightlife; but for those who wish to step back from the crowded bars and overpriced cocktails, Phuket also offers a wide range of cultural performances and unique shows.

Shows in Phuket - Phuket Shows Most renowned are the vibrant and colourful Cabarets. With their extravagant costumes, bright lights and pounding sound systems these shows are carried out with such precision and grace by the performers it's hard to remember you are watching ladyboys.

Similar to the Cabarets are the ever popular Thai arts and cultural shows that are held nightly at the Siam Niramit and the Phuket Fantasea. While they do boast the same striking costumes and visual effects these performances focus more on the the rich culture and history that surround Phuket.

Also renowned on this beautiful island is the ancient practice of Muay Thai. With boxing arenas in virtually every city and village it's no wonder this spectator sport has grown into one of Phuket's most desired shows. With the huge stadium on Bangla packed full of onlookers every Friday night this riveting display of action and skill is sure to delight.

While flashy cabarets and boxing matches are great for an evening out, Phuket also offers a number of animal shows and performances. With places like Tiger Kingdom, Crocodile World and the Phuket Aquarium you are guaranteed to have somewhere safe and entertaining for the whole family. Open daily and family oriented, Phuket's animal shows offer a great alternative for visitors with small children or those just looking for a fun place on a rainy day.

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