Nui Beach is one of Phuket’s special treasures, in our opinion. Nui Beach faces southwest and is found on the southwest end of Phuket Island, between two rocky hills in a deep cove. Sunsets can be spectacular in the November to April timeframe when the sun sets further south on the horizon.

Shallow blue waters and white sand with a lot of rocks around make this one of the most scenic beaches on the island. There are many palm trees too – which you might not think is a novelty, but not every beach in Phuket has them. Swimming or enjoying walking over the huge rocks provides something to do while you work up an appetite.

This tiny 120 meter stretch of sand is nestled beneath the cooling palms of the jungle and sprinkled with boulders for sun bathing all the way along. While still secret to most, this beautiful hidden treasure is situated on the road between Kata and Nai Harn beaches and can be found about 4 km into the jungle, just past the Kata/Karon Viewpoint.

Because this hidden mecca is perched at the edge of the Nui Bay Beach Club, it is maintained beautifully and with precision by its staff. It offers a bar and restaurant as well a variety of outdoor and watersports such as snorkeling, volleyball, flyboarding, sea kayaking, and even scuba diving (providing you prearrange). Due to its location and efforts by the Beach Club staff for diligent maintenance and cleaning, there is a small fee of 350 baht for entrance to this beach, or 500 baht for entrance plus transfer from the road down through the jungle to the reception, where you have to pay. As always children under age 12 can go in for free! The Beach Club restaurant and bar are open from 8:00 am until 6:30 pm and offer a small but diverse menu of local and international dishes.

The road down to Nui Beach can be a bit daunting even after all the efforts and maintenance the staff at the Nui Bay Beach Club puts into it. During the nineties it was nothing but a small foot trail dotted with sharp stones and protruding tree roots, no more than one meter wide. Today the path is considerably more worn with less hazardous elements poking from the earth and has reached an impressive girth as wide as a standard traffic lane; while it is still as steep as ever, it is accessible by car or moped, although if you are not confident in your driving skills we do suggest using the pickup truck transfer from the parking area.

While the cost of entry does include an umbrella and beach mat it does not include most of the water sports; they do offer them at the average price found around Phuket. The cost for sea kayak and snorkeling gear is around 250-300 baht per person; the cost of flyboarding and donuts boating are priced at 350-400 baht per 15 minutes; and all types of massages on offer start at around 600 baht per hour. For those who wish to just enjoy their surroundings and soak up a bit of sun, Nui Beach offers different levels of bamboos and shack buildings; and set at the edge of the second landing is another bar and bamboo platform overlooking the Nui Bay.

So if you wish to spend a relaxing day on one of Phuket most secluded and breathtaking beach, away from the crowds of people in the height of tropical heaven, we suggest venturing out to Nui Beach.

Though we have covered every beach in Phuket at our website, we haven’t yet looked to see if this is true or not, but Nui Beach has what must be one of the top three ratings on Google Maps for beaches in Phuket. Raters gave it a 4.7 out of 5! That’s exceptional, and the beach deserves it, we know you’ll think the same. Unfortunately, the Nui Beach Club doesn’t get nearly as high marks, but many thought it was a good place to sit down for a meal and drink. You decide!

Important Notice:
We would like to inform you that Nui Beach is currently to be reached only by boat.